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Vertigo Treatment San Diego

John’s story of how SDCN helped him get his life on track. John had been suffering from debilitating vertigo for a long time. He was able to take control of his life again following his treatment at SDCN. He was able to finally find answers and permanent changes...

Migraine Treatment San Diego

How Cassi finally found a way to treat her severe chronic migraines. When Cassi would experience a migraine she would get Loss of speech Light sensitivity Sound sensitivity Extreme stabbing, throbbing, head pain Severe upper back and neck spasms Nausea Brain Fog Etc....

Concussion Treatment San Diego

Here is a clip of one of our favorite patient's Mak. She has experienced multiple concussions throughout her athletic career in school. She was struggling to heal fully from her last one. So she was suffering from post concussion syndrome as a result. She found her...

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Our primary goal is the highest possible level of care for our patients. We strive to provide the latest in assessment and noninvasive treatment methods. Our clinic is always evolving based on the latest advancements in research and clinical approaches.


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