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Numb Depression Short Stories

Numb Depression Short Stories

As I’ve talked about previously. This is something that hits close to home with me. After being on tons of different medications over a decade I was left with severe apathy and numbness to everything in my life. I realized this was a real thing/problem when my...

What is the Best Medicine for Depression and Anxiety?

What is the Best Medicine for Depression and Anxiety?

Being someone that approaches healthcare from a more conservative holistic approach it is hard not to be biased on this subject. To give you a little more background as to why this subject hits close to home for me is because I grew up being put on medication after...

San Diego Concussion Doctors

“Gold Standard” Testing for concussion looks something like this: “Looks like you might have a concussion” “Maybe sit out for a couple of weeks then you should be good” In some rare cases “progressive”...

Post Concussive Syndrome Relief

Recovering from Post Concussive Syndrome can seem like an endless, frustrating, and depressing journey especially in the conventional medical model. The unfortunate reality is that those that suffer from...

Migraine Headache Treatment San Diego

Not all migraines are the same and are classified as these subtypes: Migraine Without Aura. Migraine With Aura. Migraine Aura Without Headache. Vestibular Migraine. Basilar Migraine. Hemiplegic Migraine. Ophthalmoplegic...

Dizziness Treatment San Diego

Not all types of dizziness are made equal. Not everybody can cure their dizziness with a medication, Epley maneuver, or some variation on the theme. Dizziness can come from many different things -Blood Sugar...

Concussion Symptoms San Diego

It is not uncommon for people to end up with a sore neck and maybe feel a little disoriented following a concussion. Standard recovery from this ranges around the 2-3 week mark. If you experience residual symptoms over...

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