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I have suffered through somewhere between 10-12 concussions that drastically affected my life. I genuinely believe that my treatment at SDCN saved my life. I visited numerous specialists and doctors that told me nothing more than to ‘drink water’ and ‘lie low for a few weeks’ and had begun to lose hope by the time I found out about SDCN. I had come to the belief that I couldn’t get better and that my symptoms were my life. Through months of work with the phenomenal doctors, not only was I able to overcome issues that I thought were previously unbeatable, but I also learned to enjoy parts of my life again and truly feel content.

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"I came here hoping that this would be the thing that takes care of everything, that really worked, and didn't take so long. Within the first couple of weeks, I saw such a difference. I loved seeing their approach. It was so different from anything else I'd tried. What [Dr. Steve] did for me was so incredible, especially because I was willing to try anything after the fact that I had tried everything. I'm so grateful that I got to come here!"

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"I've never really found anything that was satisfactory in helping control my migraines until I found chiropractic and chiropractic neurology. My life is 100% changed! I don't know what my life would have been like without them. I will continue to have them be a part of my life and my well-being."

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"When I came where initially I was limited, I was probably 60% of who I was. I can tell you after a year of hard work, I'm in a much better place. My life is mine again and it wasn't that way for a long time. When you're in a dark place, when you're in a bad place, and someone's help and care gets you out of the place, you can't put a price on that."

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With over 20 years of combined experience, we’ve helped 1000’s of our San Diego friends and neighbors get real answers and real solutions while being able to enjoy life again


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