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Post Concussion, Vertigo, Migraine Dr. Kamran Jahangiri

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Post Concussion, Vertigo, Migraine Dr. Kamran Jahangiri.

“I am lucky to have fallen into this profession by chance. I went through a lot growing up with my own neurological issues. I was put on a multitude of different strong medications, through psychological therapies, and conventional testing which never gave me answers or helped me gain anymore functionality in my life.

I think as a result I unconsciously sought out a way to evaluate and treat patients that was a better alternative or that augmented the standard model of healthcare. Once I started diving into that rabbit hole there was no going back. I would not have it any other way either. I have been able to help influence almost every family member, friend, and thousands of patients that went through some level of a similar experience to what I did growing up in the conventional practice of medicine. What separates us is that we honestly do our best to look at everything we know how to look at. I’m also not shy to admit that we don’t know how to measure everything though. Which is why we prefer to be a part of the team of physicians that optimizes a patient’s health. When you have a team that all communicates together they chances of your doctors making an error or missing something goes way way down. I love what I do and will keep trying to help people as long as I can.” – Dr. Kamran Jahangiri.

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San Diego Chiropractic Neurology

We are a chiropractic neurology clinic that specializes in functional neurology, brain trauma, and spine trauma. Some other common conditions we work with are concussions and TBI, ADHD, POTS and dysatuonomia, headaches and migraines, as well as dizziness and disequilibrium syndromes.

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