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How Stroke is Diagnosed

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    1. First thing your physician will assess is your history. They will typically look for red flags
      1. Was it recent
      2. Did it start suddenly
      3. Are you experiencing focal (one particular part of the body) neurological symptoms
    2. Next your physician will likely run bloodwork. This will help them rule in or out other things that can mimic a stroke and also help them identify if you are showing signs of a stroke. They’ll check things like;
      1. How fast your blood clots
      2. Your blood sugar levels
      3. Whether you have an infection
    3. If they don’t find anything that mimics a stroke they will next likely order imaging or run other extra testing. Things like a;
      1. CT scan
        1. To check for bleeds, stroke, and tumors
      2. MRI
        1. To check for damaged brain tissue and possible bleeds
      3. Carotid Ultrasound
        1. Checking for plaquing in the carotid arteries
      4. Echocardiogram
        1. Checking for clots in the heart that can travel to the brain and cause a stroke
    4. Once they’ve confirmed a stroke they will tailor a treatment protocol for you
  2. Treatment
    1. To learn about treatment options check out our “How Stroke is Treated” blog post.
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