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Comprehensive Blood Panel

In our office, we look at lab testing through a different window. We run complete blood panels to see the overall metabolic picture of someone’s health. Many healthcare providers will only run a few markers that they think are directly related to your symptoms and can miss many other things that may contribute to your symptoms. Our complete metabolic panels allows us to catch many different factors that may be contributing to the detriment of your health.

DUTCH Hormone Testing (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones)

DUTCH testing is currently the gold standing for testing cortisol and sex hormones. Individuals suffering with sexual dysfunction, depression, anxiety, weight gain, or women with irregular menstrual cycles can all stand to benefit from testing hormones. The results from this test will show if a person has hormonal issues, whether it’s too much of one hormone or too little of another. This allows us to get an overall picture of a person’s hormones and treat it accordingly.

Stool Testing

Stool testing is important because it gives us an overall picture of the microbiome. The microbiome consists of all your gut flora and any other organism living inside of the gut. The microbiome is crucial in many important processes in the body including detoxification, immunity, energy production, and even production of neurotransmitters. Many conditions the patients experience involve pathological organisms like bad bacteria, parasites, viruses that like to live in the gut and cause inflammation and absorption problems. Identifying the problems that exist within the gut is the first step of treating gastrointestinal dysfunction, which is a major part of many metabolic disorders.

Antibody Testing

Autoimmune disorders are a common cause of neurological and metabolic conditions. Many individuals in today’s day and age have undiagnosed autoimmune disorders that may be causing their symptoms and decreasing their quality of life. Educating individuals on how to manage autoimmunity through specific dietary and lifestyle changes is high on our priority list. We run specific antibody testing to determine if a person has an autoimmune condition and which one.

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