We pride ourselves in combining an extremely thorough and personalized approach when assessing and treating each of our patients. Our specialized assessment, diagnostics, testing, and treatment can only be found in a small number of clinics in the country. What makes us different:

Clinical Approach:

Specialized Training: Our doctors have specialized training in neurological rehabilitation. In addition to a doctor of chiropractic degree, our doctors have undergone hundreds of hours of post-doctoral training in neurological rehabilitation, concussion management, physiology, and orthopedics. They are life-long learners and educators who attend many educational conferences per year and also host education talks in the community on topics related to the conditions we see in the office (concussions, dizziness, migraines etc). They are committed to keeping up with the latest research and treatment options to give their patients the best care possible.

Advanced Diagnostics and Testing: Many patients come into our office with multiple lab tests and imaging studies that show normal function, yet they still suffer from symptoms. This is where our diagnostics and testing give us an edge. We use VOG/VNG technology(infrared digitally recorded eye movements), dynamic posturography (digital balance testing), and QEEG (Wavi Branscan technology) to gain insight on where there is damage or dysfunction in the brain. We then prescribe targeted exercises and therapies to help those dysfunctional areas of the brain heal and reconnect. Many of our patients also have metabolic or systemic problems that are not allowing them to improve. We use specialty labs to aid us in picking up on problems with the immune system, food and environmental sensitivities, gastrointestinal problems, hormonal imbalances, and other factors that can disrupt patient’s ability to heal and prescribe neutraceuticals and dietary/lifestyle recommendations accordingly.

Cutting Edge Therapies and Treatments: Our office provides many advanced treatments and drug-free therapies to address the many problems that our patients’ face. We frequently use different treatments and therapies as stand-alone interventions, or the doctors with prescribe multiple therapies or treatments at the same time. The prescription is all based off of your exam findings and no two treatment plans are the same. The therapies and treatments we provide can include: (link for each to a description paragraph?) Vestibular therapy, Non-invasive Neuromodulation, Low level laser therapy, Chiropractic Adjustments, Targeted Eye exercises, Vision Therapy, Physical Therapy, Cognitive Exercises and more