Traumatic Brain Injury, Dizziness, Headaches Dr. Kamran Jahangiri

“Some patient’s have no chance of healing or recovering in the standard health model. The art of actually examining a patient and caring about what is actually going on is dissolving. 

People are constantly having to be their own health advocates. At the same time any time they bring something they researched or volunteer their curiosity to their doctor they are stigmatized for it.

A doctor should understand how the body and mind work as a whole. Our body does not work in pieces. All of those organs, tissues, cells, work together like a symphony to manifest optimal health.

If your doctor only wants to focus on their special area they understand and not collaborate with or understand how all the systems communicate with each other than they are failing.

If your doctor does not take a full history they have failed you.

If they do not do a full exam they have failed you.

If their ego is too big to admit they do not know what is going on with you they have absolutely and utterly failed you. 

Everyone should have access to physicians that do a full history, exam, and custom treatment plan specific to that individuals unique set of health circumstances.”

-Dr. Kamran Jahangiri

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