I began seeing Dr. Kamran to address some long standing neurological symptoms that were getting progressively worse. His expertise and dedication to finding and addressing the root cause of my symptoms was evident in every session. Dr. Kamran is a skilled clinician who treats with compassion and encouragement. His specialized care was integral to my healing and I am forever grateful. I would highly recommend Dr. Kamran! 
- Beth A.
 Dr. Kamran and his staff are incredible. After years of back and neck pain, along with other issues, I found Dr. Kamran and he has been the only doctor of any kind who has helped in any meaningful way. After seeing Dr. Kamran for a period of time, my symptoms continually improved to the point that I have no pain at all on most days. His approach is unique but the results are clear and I can not recommend him highly enough. Dr. Kamran’s knowledge and expertise are evident in each and every visit. 
- Barrett W.
 Dr. Kamran was a saving grace in a painful situation. He balanced me right up after years of pain and unbalance. When I started going numb in my arms, Dr. Kamran fixed me right up. Not only is he a sight for sore eyes but he’ll find the root of the issue! And his staff is top notch and makes every visit A delight! Dr. Alexis would be my number two and is just starting her practice but her attention to detail will help anyone in need! 
- Brooke N.
 I've been going to chiropractors for over 40 years. Dr. Steve is unlike any other chiropractor I've ever visited. He uses the principles of neurology to inform his adjustments and techniques. His adjustments last and have really freed up my body motion. I have a handful of chiros I visit and Dr. Steve is my #1 pick 
- Lisa G.
 I visited Dr. Elli at her clinic while on a trip to San Diego, hoping for help after years of inexplicable fainting spells among other issues. She was incredibly thorough during our first appointment, asking many questions and running tests. This made the whole session feel very personalized and targeted to my concerns. Her holistic approach finally provided me with an explanation; POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), and a solution. After sticking to her advice for months, I am feeling better than I have in years. As a bonus, Dr. Elli also taught me exercises to manage my Benign Essential Tremors, which I hadn't even come in for help with. The clinic itself is a very comfortable, professional space and all the staff were lovely and helpful. If you are fortunate enough to live in the area, I would highly recommend checking them out! 
- Amanda G.
 Super knowledgeable of all things Chiro & Neuro. I had positive results after my first visit with Dr. Kamran and had been suffering for 2 years daily before seeing him. If you or anyone you know is hurting, he’s your man. 
- Michele S.
 Dr. Kamran's thoughtfulness, clinical reasoning, and passion for getting to the underlying cause and remediating neurological challenges is beyond impressive. He played an important role in resolving my vertigo that had not been remediated through more traditional protocols and I am so grateful! I can not recommend Dr. Kamran enough! 
- Shannon S.
 I have used Dr. Elli twice now after significant back and hip pain kept me from working. At each visit, I experienced relief and I am sure that Elli was able to speed up the total healing and get me back to work faster. From now on, I am going to keep up the appointments and stay out of her office when I am in crisis. 
- Russel M.
 I can’t say enough about Dr. Albinder and his team. I walked in with no hope because I had so many doctors tell me that post concussion will just take time. Coming in with headaches, dizziness, irritability, memory loss, etc, I had no idea the improvement I would be feeling today. He has hooked me up to many machines testing me in ways no other doctors have, and given me information outside of the normal. I have done laser treatment, eye movement exercises, and most importantly, changed my diet. I started with the elimination diet and It had made my life tremendously different. No more headaches, less irritability, balance is back, and my headspace is clear. I can’t thank Steve and his team enough for the new inspiration and information they have given me as I continue to grow in nutrition and in my health. Forever thankful for the way they have changed my life<3 
- Patience Petrille.
 I have been seeing dr Elli for about 2 years now and can’t say enough wonderful things about her and her studio. Her holistic approach was new to me and through her meticulous, well thought out work I was finally able to understand very important information about my health that no one had previously been helpful with. Since my first couple visits she was able to help me move in the right direction. I would recommend her studio to anybody and everybody and truly cannot thank her enough. Thank you once again dr Elli for all your excellent work! 
- Cris B.
 After 9 years of suffering with migraines, balance and dizziness issues, back and leg pain, vision loss due to intra cranial hypertension from an antibiotic side effect and brain surgery. I improved but I was on a lot of medications and did not have a great quality of life. I met Dr. Albinder because my daughter was suffering from post concussion syndrome. The whole family started the elimination diet to support her, within 30 days my migraines were gone, my blood pressure was normal and I wasn’t taking anymore pain medications. After several months of watching my daughter improve with therapy I began thinking I wanted more improvement for myself. Within just 6 weeks my balance had improved tremendously and I did not have anymore dizziness. I am now off all my medications except one and it has been reduced by the neuro-opthamologist from 4000 mg a day down to 1000 mg a day. I have lost weight and continue to improve and regain strength and my visual field has improved. The entire staff and there treatments have improved my entire family’s quality of life so much and I am so thankful 
- Jamilee P.
 I can’t begin to say how impressed I am with the professional and efficacious treatment I received with Dr. Albinder. I am a frequent visitor to San Diego and recently found myself in need of immediate help relieving a sudden and debilitating onset of vertigo. Any movement caused dizziness and nausea. I would sit up in bed in the morning and the world would begin spinning. I would have to sit still for a period before standing up to regain my balance. I even had to hold on to the wall to stop from falling. Dr. Steve Albinder came highly recommended by a friend. Dr. Steve quickly and efficiently diagnosed my problem. He employed a series of tests using eye movements (“optokinetics”) and then had me undergo a series of head and body positions to “ reset the crystals in my inner ear”. Immediately following the treatment I got tremendous relief. After the second treatment the next day the dizziness was completely gone. I would recommend Dr. Steve in a heartbeat! Thank you so much! You saved the day! 
- Dep F.
 I have a history of shoulder and knee issues from rock climbing and snowboarding so I was recommended Dr. Elli to see if she could help. I had dislocated my shoulder twice and also had a tear in my AC joint so I couldn't raise my arms past 90 degrees without feeling pain and it was affecting my climbing as well as my job. I also was having pain when doing certain moves climbing with my knee. Within a few sessions I was having minimal to no pain raising my arms and my knee pain had gone away completely. I noticed that I wasn't having pain at work carrying heavy objects as well. She used graston, adjustments, and some cold laser on me and it's feeling so much better. I highly recommend seeing her! 
- Eward D.
 Great people, technology, and overall experience! I highly recommend visiting them and seeing how they can serve you! You will be glad you did! I know I was. My mom has late stage lyme disease (10+ years) and has been to many, many different practices seeking quality treatment. She is thoroughly impressed by their process and expertise. She is looking forward to getting a comprehensive exam to help boost her recovery. 
- Pete G.
 I have nothing but praise for Dr. Albinder. He treated me for post concussion symptoms that included blurred vision, balance issues, confusion, sensitivity to light and dizziness. He had a methodical treatment plan that he explained very thoroughly along the way. His knowledge of the condition and the human body is extensive as is his experience with the treatment methods. Working with diet, eye and balance exercises along with his clinical practice made a huge difference resulting in my full recovery. I can't thank him enough. I feel lucky to have found him. I highly recommend him as a doctor and as a person. 
- Neil S.
 Doctor Steven Albinder and Doctor Kamran Jahangiri go above and beyond with the care they provide for their patients. The San Diego Chiropractic Neurology is the first place to go to if you’ve had any type of head trauma. I just wish we had found them sooner. 
- Peggy K.
 I came to San Diego Chiropractic Neurology because I have been suffering from migraines for the past ten years. As soon as I met my doctor, I felt like I was in good hands. I appreciated how knowledgable he was and that he gathered information to look at the whole picture of my issue instead of focusing on only my symptoms. It's been 6 months and so far I have been migraine free. I feel like I've finally gained control over something that used to control me. I am so grateful for Dr. Steve and everything that he has done for me! 
- Carolyn L.
 I can't say enough about Dr. Albinder and the team at SDCN. I started seeing their group about a year ago for Menieres disease. Anyone who suffers is aware of how difficult this disease is to treat and manage. Dr. Albinder worked tirelessly to help me get back to normal. I'm eternally grateful for what he has done and would highly recommend him, I finally have my life back! 
- Ashley M.
I had been dealing with ongoing issues with dizziness, balance, issues with my eyes, and problems with major emotional swings all stemming from my concussion that occurred during my car accident. I had visited other neurology experts and their approach was to more mask the issues with medication and I saw no improvement. I highly recommend visiting Dr. Kamran and Dr. Elli. My issues are almost gone now, and it is all due to the fact that I spent time getting treatment from both of them. I am back to working out, having conversations, being outside, and living life again because of the work they did on me. They are truly experts in the field.
- Justin J.
 Incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and like-able staff. I received personalized advice for my needs and a top-notch referral for a local specialist in NorCal. 
- Ceegee.
 Dr. Kam had been amazing and I feel so much better after every visit. His knowledge of the body is incredible and I would recommend anyone that is looking for help to reach out to SDChiroNeuro to setup a consultation call ASAP. 
- Joshua W.
 Seeing Dr. Kam and his team completely changed my issues with bloating, constipation and other symptoms that I had been struggling with for many years. They are very caring, thorough, dedicated and cutting edge and extremely knowledgeable. I can’t thank them enough and highly recommend them. 
- Benj K.
 I went here on a recommendation and man it was worth it. After a week or so my digestion/bloating started to decrease than went away. My energy improved and I was not as fatigued as I used to be. My concentration also improved, I had some migraines and they used to come more frequent but after my visits and consultations I started feeling better already. I would highly recommend checking them out. 
- Tj Chanthasene.
 Having dealt with many injuries playing lacrosse through college and facing a traumatic brain injury due to a car accident, Dr. Jahangiri gave me my life back. Not only did he take the time to get to know my history, but he also took the time to get to know me, to best coordinate a plan I would respond to. Over 6 years of aches and pain disappeared with guidance from Dr. Jahangiri in the span of 6 months. He guided me through adjusting my diet, exercise habits, and helped me understand my body inside and out. Through expertise and empathy, Dr. Jahangiri will give you the treatment and tools you need to live a healthier happier life. He is someone I will continue to seek treatment from for the rest of mine. 
- Keith J.
 Came to San Diego for a week long intensive with Dr. Kamran for my anxiety and post concussive symptoms. Dr. Kamran approached my problems unlike any other doctor I had been to and he did a thorough initial exam and ordered blood work for me. He was able to minimize the problems I was having related to my past concussion 3 years prior as well as the high anxiety I've been experiencing. I had to wait to get in, but for sure it was worth it! 
- 이지은.
My youngest daughter and my chiropractor recommended to go and see Dr. Steve Albinder because he specializes in Functional Neurology. I went in complaining of Neuropathy in my feet hurting and burning, digestive problems, and other symptoms. Dr. Steve was able to pinpoint my problems and has to be very diligent in helping taking care of my problems. He does nutritional counseling also, which I've been taking for a few weeks and I can tell the differences already, as well of my treatments. He is very professional, explains everything so you can understand whats going on with your body and well being. The staff in the office are very friendly too. My treatments have been very successful! My family has noticed the difference in my well being. : ) I highly recommend Dr. Steve Albinder. 
- Teresa B.
Dr. Kamran has been so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. He gave me advice and treatment which helped me increase my energy, which has helped my productivity at work and happiness in life. I use to feel very tired and groggy before, and now my energy levels have totally turned around. Thank you! Highly recommend SD Chiro Neuro!
- David A.
Dr. Albinder carefully listened to my problems and developed a plain to get me back to normal again. It’s been three weeks now since my initial visit with him and I’m shocked at the amount of improvement I have noticed. I understand he has only been practicing for a short time but I would have guessed that he had been practicing for years. If you’re having neck or back pain and don’t like masking the problem with pain medication/muscle relaxers give this guy a chance! You will be happy you did.
- Ryan H.
Dr. Albinder is the absolute best in his profession. His expertise exceeds the Chiropractic field, into Functional Neurology. I have suffered from headaches on and off for years, but with the help and guidance of Dr. Albinder, I have found a new life without pain! So appreciative to have such a knowledgeable man in my life! Dr. Albinder has also helped my husband! He has had a lazy eye his whole life and through sessions with Dr. Albinder, he has used the practices and adjustments to fix the issues with his eye! Thank you for exceeding our expectations! You haven’t experienced true healing and relief in this area of expertise, until you’ve met Dr. Albinder!
- Danielle K.
I’ve been dealing with a back injury for over 8 years and have tried multiple Chiropractic clinics around the Southern California area with no positive result. I have heard of his practice from many other people in my area, but had never personally tried it. Wow! I’m glad I finally did because my pain is completely gone! The results speak for themselves. Dr. Albinder is extremely professional and the office environment is very inviting and comfortable. I’m very fortunate to have found a treatment that finally works.
- Chris P.
Dr. Albinder is awesome! I’ve seen several chiropractors over the last several years, but Dr. Albinder really stands out. For a long time I felt like I would come away from a chiropractic adjustment with more questions than answers, but Dr. Albinder takes the time to explain why adjustments help us function better and lower pain, etc. He’s very honest and genuine and knows a lot about the brain and the spine, as well as the body’s various systems. He’s helped me a lot with migraines, neck pain, back pain, and muscle knots/strains. I also go to him for nutrition advice.
- Kevin W.
My 16 year old daughter was suffering from post-concussion symptoms such as daily headaches, difficulty concentrating, short term memory problems, and sensitivity to sound… a family member recommended Dr. Albinder and we were very impressed. He was professional, friendly and thorough; explaining everything in a way that was easy to understand. My daughter started noticing a decrease in symptoms within a few days after her initial visit and her symptoms were almost completely gone within a month following her treatment plan – all without the use of medications.
- Cheryl M.
I was fortunate enough to have a friend recommend  I go see Dr. Albinder. Within what felt like only few minutes, he was able to determine the root of my symptoms through a few eye and ear tests. Once he determined this, he used a painless technique that was able to literally eliminate my symptoms immediately!!! I walked out of the appointment almost in shock but mostly filled with relief that Dr. Albinder was able to help me.  I will definitely continue seeing him in the future to help treat my migraines as well.  Thank you Dr. Albinder!!!!
- Travis W.
Dr. Albinder’s neurological care has helped me recover from my concussion, especially the vertigo that plagued me. His adjustments and treatments are precise, insightful, and address the problems I’ve reported. I appreciate his holistic approach, and I’m delighted with my progress on my healing journey.
- Julia L.
I recently was experiencing severe symptoms caused by vertigo.  I had never dealt with this before, so my first stop was to a general practitioner.  They prescribed me medication, but did nothing to eliminate my symptoms, so I continued to have trouble with my balance and constant nausea when lying down.
- Anon.
Dr. Steve Albinder has helped me greatly as I explore the possibility of having MS… He is very caring and patient, and he is a wealth of knowledge concerning these neurological problems. I now feel that I am doing everything I can because of Dr. Albinder’s guidance.  This is treatment I normally would not be receiving from my regular neurologist, and I would recommend Dr, Albinder to anyone having neurological issues from head to toe!
- Debrah H.
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