Dr. Albinder carefully listened to my problems and developed a plain to get me back to normal again. It’s been three weeks now since my initial visit with him and I’m shocked at the amount of improvement I have noticed. I understand he has only been practicing for a short time but I would have guessed that he had been practicing for years. If you’re having neck or back pain and don’t like masking the problem with pain medication/muscle relaxers give this guy a chance! You will be happy you did.
- Ryan H.
Dr. Albinder is the absolute best in his profession. His expertise exceeds the Chiropractic field, into Functional Neurology. I have suffered from headaches on and off for years, but with the help and guidance of Dr. Albinder, I have found a new life without pain! So appreciative to have such a knowledgeable man in my life! Dr. Albinder has also helped my husband! He has had a lazy eye his whole life and through sessions with Dr. Albinder, he has used the practices and adjustments to fix the issues with his eye! Thank you for exceeding our expectations! You haven’t experienced true healing and relief in this area of expertise, until you’ve met Dr. Albinder!
- Danielle K.
I’ve been dealing with a back injury for over 8 years and have tried multiple Chiropractic clinics around the Southern California area with no positive result. I have heard of his practice from many other people in my area, but had never personally tried it. Wow! I’m glad I finally did because my pain is completely gone! The results speak for themselves. Dr. Albinder is extremely professional and the office environment is very inviting and comfortable. I’m very fortunate to have found a treatment that finally works.
- Chris P.
Dr. Albinder is awesome! I’ve seen several chiropractors over the last several years, but Dr. Albinder really stands out. For a long time I felt like I would come away from a chiropractic adjustment with more questions than answers, but Dr. Albinder takes the time to explain why adjustments help us function better and lower pain, etc. He’s very honest and genuine and knows a lot about the brain and the spine, as well as the body’s various systems. He’s helped me a lot with migraines, neck pain, back pain, and muscle knots/strains. I also go to him for nutrition advice.
- Kevin W.
My 16 year old daughter was suffering from post-concussion symptoms such as daily headaches, difficulty concentrating, short term memory problems, and sensitivity to sound… a family member recommended Dr. Albinder and we were very impressed. He was professional, friendly and thorough; explaining everything in a way that was easy to understand. My daughter started noticing a decrease in symptoms within a few days after her initial visit and her symptoms were almost completely gone within a month following her treatment plan – all without the use of medications.
- Cheryl M.
I was fortunate enough to have a friend recommend  I go see Dr. Albinder. Within what felt like only few minutes, he was able to determine the root of my symptoms through a few eye and ear tests. Once he determined this, he used a painless technique that was able to literally eliminate my symptoms immediately!!! I walked out of the appointment almost in shock but mostly filled with relief that Dr. Albinder was able to help me.  I will definitely continue seeing him in the future to help treat my migraines as well.  Thank you Dr. Albinder!!!!
- Travis W.
Dr. Albinder’s neurological care has helped me recover from my concussion, especially the vertigo that plagued me. His adjustments and treatments are precise, insightful, and address the problems I’ve reported. I appreciate his holistic approach, and I’m delighted with my progress on my healing journey.
- Julia L.
I recently was experiencing severe symptoms caused by vertigo.  I had never dealt with this before, so my first stop was to a general practitioner.  They prescribed me medication, but did nothing to eliminate my symptoms, so I continued to have trouble with my balance and constant nausea when lying down.
- Anon.
Dr. Steve Albinder has helped me greatly as I explore the possibility of having MS… He is very caring and patient, and he is a wealth of knowledge concerning these neurological problems. I now feel that I am doing everything I can because of Dr. Albinder’s guidance.  This is treatment I normally would not be receiving from my regular neurologist, and I would recommend Dr, Albinder to anyone having neurological issues from head to toe!
- Debrah H.