According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 40 million people suffer from symptoms of anxiety and more than 17 million Americans have experienced symptoms of depression. Most people who suffer from these disorders are given medication to manage their symptoms.

Because most physicians do not evaluate and address the root causes of why their patients develop anxiety and depression, a majority of these cases fail. As a result, many patients do not feel as though their disorders are ever resolved.

Below is a list of variables that may directly cause or affect anxiety and depression.

  • Head Trauma/Concussion/Brain Injury
  • Poor Frontal Lobe Activity
  • Poor Brainstem Activity
  • Low Neurotransmitters
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Genetics/Epigenetics
  • Inflammation
  • Gut Dysbiosis
  • Infections
  • Hormonal Dysfunction
  • Increased Sympathetic Activity
  • Poor Parasympathetic Activity

In order to understand the possible root causes of your anxiety and/or depression, our physicians will evaluate your individual neurology, potential triggers, and biochemical imbalances. From there, we will create an individual treatment plan with you to begin your healing process.

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