How stroke is treated

How is Stroke Treated?

The point of this blog is to educate on some of the options that exist for stroke victims after they have already gone through their acute triage work at the hospital.

  1. Treatment
    1. Rehab 
      1. This is going to be tailored to whatever regions of the brain have been injured from the stroke. 
      2. You may need to work with a variety of specialists go help with this process
        1. Chiropractic Neurology
          1. Vision therapy, vestibular therapy, balance therapy, coordination therapy, improving range of motion, reducing muscle spasm, improving limb movement, cold laser (red light) treatment, electrical stimulation, vagus nerve stimulation, joint mobilization
        2. Physical Therapy
          1. vestibular therapy, balance therapy, improving range of motion, reducing muscle spasms, improving limb movement
        3. Speech Pathologist
          1. Speech therapy
        4. Occupational therapist
          1. Rehab for specific practical movements
    2. Injections and other novel options 
      1. These are typically offered by an MD, ND, or Nurse Practitioner
        1. Stem Cell Injections
        2. PRP
        3. Prolotherapy
        4. Perispinal Entanercept
        5. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
        6. Ozone Therapy
    3. Psychologist
      1. Mental health management to help navigate the novel stressors of having and living with post stroke difficulties

Older person holding their head after having dizziness while walking (SD Chiropractic Neurology).

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this page is not meant to diagnose, treat, and or give medical advice. It is strictly meant for educational purposes only.