Concussion Symptoms San Diego

It is not uncommon for people to end up with a sore neck and maybe feel a little disoriented following a concussion.

Standard recovery from this ranges around the 2-3 week mark.

If you experience residual symptoms over that 3 week threshold you may be suffering from post concussive syndrome.

It is important that you have a proper examination done including balance, eye movements, gait, sensory, motor, reflex, vitals, blood work, etc. The more comprehensive the better.

DO NOT WAIT FOR THINGS TO RESOLVE. It is best to be prophylactic and not sit by and think things are just going to get better on their own.

Even when you feel “pretty much normal” your brain, hormones, metabolism, immune system, circulation, mental state, some or all may have been impacted in an unhealthy way.

I can’t tell you how many post concussion syndrome patients learn to maneuver or try to just live with their residual symptoms.

Experiencing headaches, migraines, dizziness, POTS, anxiety, light sensitivity, anger, depression, gut issues, fatigue, etc. on a regular is not living.

We focus so much of our attention with these types of issues because there is a serious deficiency in good healthcare offered for individuals whom have suffered brain injuries. We want to change that.

Don’t be shy to message or call us. We want to be an open resource for people whom are ready and seeking help.

-Dr. Kamran Jahangiri

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