A.      Consultation:

The first visit with our doctors includes a complimentary consultation. During this consultation you and your doctor will discuss your health concerns, expectations for care, and your goals for treatment. This visit is designed to learn more about you, your concerns, and to see if we are the right office for you. If we determine that we will be able to help you, we will recommend the examinations and lab tests, if necessary, to determine the cause of your condition.

B.      Detailed Examination:

After the initial consultation, the doctor and/or assistants will begin any diagnostic testing needed to aid in the diagnosis of your condition and development of your treatment plan. These could include videooculography, dynamic posturography, RightEye eye tracking system, qEEG, and cognitive assessments. Following your diagnostic testing, the doctor will perform a highly specific examination on you based off of your symptoms and history. The examination can include examination of the cranial nerves, vestibular system, visual system, somatosensory system, reflexes, autonomic function, and musculoskeletal system. This exam helps us determine if and where there is dysfunction in the brain and body.

C.      Lab Testing/Imaging:

Many conditions that we see require extra detective work to understand all of the reasons that patients are not fully recovering. We are connected with many state-of-the art lab companies and imaging companies that can help us further understand our patients’ conditions. The results from these tests, if needed, will further aid us in determining the best course of care for you and also alert us of any potential serious conditions.

D.      Report of Findings:

Once all of the testing, imaging, and exams have been performed, your doctor will compile that information and present it to you in a detailed report. He or she will then answer the following questions:

  • How can you help me?
  • How often will I need to come?
  • What will the treatment cost?

After reviewing your health history, goals, and examination results, your doctor will discuss treatment recommendations, including any other referrals you may need based on your case. We are committed to providing the best treatment for your needs, even if it is something we cannot provide.

E.      Treatment:

After the report of findings, treatment will begin. Each treatment plan is specifically tailored to every individual’s needs. No two brains or bodies are the same, therefore they often require different treatments or therapies. Our therapies can include spinal adjustments, vestibular rehabilitation, low level laser therapy, non-invasive neuromodulation, eye exercises, neuromuscular re-education, physiotherapy, sensory-integration techniques, and much more. Our treatments are safe, painless, and very effective!

If you have any questions about getting started, please call us at (619)-344-0111. We would love to help you!